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Exchange EDB to PDF Converter

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Convert Exchange Mailboxes to PDF

Software converts emails of Exchange mailboxes to PDF file format so that it gets accessed easily with the Adobe Reader Application. Additionally, it creates searchable PDF files of Exchange EDB mailboxes.

Recover Public & Private Folder to PDF

With the help of this software, Users can recover mailbox (priv.edb) and public folder (pub.edb) database of Exchange and can also see the preview of emails stored in them.

Export Selective Mails

After viewing the preview of the entire mailboxes under the Exchange mailboxes, users can export selective mails to PDF format. This can be done by checking or un-checking the items within the Exchange mailboxes.

Preview Export Report

As the Export process begins, software shows the step-by-step report of the entire export task, i.e., how many have been exported till then or how many are pending or how many are in progress.

Save PDF file at desirable Location

Software provides the option to save the converted PDF file to the desirable location within their local machine. Users can also create New folder directly through the Software panel to save the PDF files in it.

Easily Accessibility Everywhere

While going out of Exchange Server environment, Exchange users cannot access his emails easily anywhere but, the Software converts the mails to PDF format so that it gets easily accessed anywhere & with any application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Software bound to any limitation of Size?
No, there is no such limitation regarding the size of the EDB files. The tool processes the conversion of any size of EDB files to PDF format.
Is it possible to install the tool on Windows 8 PC?
Yes, the Software can be installed on entire editions of Windows OS & especially with Windows 8 too.
Does the Tool also perform the conversion of E-mail Attachments into PDF format?
No, the Software only performs the conversion of EDB mails into PDF. However, the attachments will remain embedded with the mails as it is in its original native format.
Is there any necessity of Live Exchange Environment to convert mails?
No, there is no requirement of Live Exchange Environment to convert the Exchange mails to PDF format.